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WaHiki Display Panel Posters for China

Display posters used for China in relation to the pull up banners but using Chinese text to describe the products. I used a different design for these posters so they could have a different feel and fit with the new WaHiki theme.



Manuka Zealand - Logo Design

Logo design for Manuka Zealand 100% premium raw honey.


Manuka Zealand - Website design

A complete website design for Manuka Zealand specializing in raw manuka honey. The client requested the design to be related to honey with a comb effect for the site.


WaHiki products - Website design

Full re-design for Wahiki product page. Client requested the page to stand out and display more nutritional information for the products.


WaHiki Pull up Banners

Pull up banner designs for Wahiki show tastings. Banners display each individual product separately with both flavors shown in the middle on one banner for a different design look.


WaHiki Display Wall

Display wall designed to show WaHiki products to be placed as a backdrop for tasting stations.


Wahiki Flyer

Display wall design for Wahiki products. This is displayed in the show tasting stand to show what the products represent.


Canada Poster - Fuji Xerox

Fun poster design for a team project based on what we thought Canada represented.


Birthday Invitation Card

Birthday invite design. Client was having a creepy crawly theme for their birthday and wanted to portray this in the invitation.

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